New Patients:

Patient Testimonials -Toni B., Winnipeg

Where do I start? I don’t really think words will adequately express my gratitude for your help and services these past couple months, but I’ll try! I know that, by comparison, my TMJ issues were not as severe as others. Still, my daily sore jaw and tight neck, were beginning to impact me more as time went on. One of the worst things was the feeling of “dread” as bedtime drew near – my jaw seemed to tighten as the day wore on, and I knew night time did not provide any relief as I just clenched more with my existing splint!

How nice to receive treatment from the two of you – you both understood the problem, of course, and knew exactly what to do. Best of all, though, I felt so comfortable and confident under your care! Thank you for helping me take control of my TMJ issues before they took control of me!

My deepest gratitude goes out to the both of you. Here are my 3 biggest reasons [picture of 3 beautiful children] for my thankfulness and appreciation for all you’ve done – I feel like my “old” self!

-Toni B., Winnipeg