I am a 49 year old woman who has seen the quality of my life slowly diminish over the course of the last 15 years with a marked decline in enjoyment of life in the past 4 years.

I suffer from headaches which can take me out of daily functioning for 2 days at a time and can have duration of up to10 days. I never really feel pain free and clear headed and it is rare that I can experience joy any more. I usually wake up in the morning with pain on the left side of the top of my head. Sometimes it comes on in the middle of the day. On a pain scale it can vary from 4 to 9. When the pain reaches an 8 or 9 I need to go to bed. It is difficult to sleep when I am in pain. Often I wake and the pain is in my teeth and face. Occasionally I experience nausea with the headache. These headaches occur in severe form approximately every two weeks but I almost always have a low grade headache. In addition if I haven’t been talking for a period of two or more hours when I open my mouth and eat I have experienced piercing pain in my jaw. This so startled me that I brought this to the attention of my dentist.

The above is how I would describe my life prior to being treated by Dr. Fleisher. I was actually not living my life to the fullest of its potential and this was beginning to affect my family and work atmospheres. The sick days began to pile up and I often had to leave work in the middle of the day. I limited my activity to work the essentials of housekeeping all but disappearing from a social life.

I was referred by my doctor when I told her of the declining quality of life I had come to accept as status quo.

The following is a summary of the medical investigations I embarked upon in order to find the source and a treatment for this condition.

Here is my history: With the introduction to each medical professional the question remained “Can you help me?” I started with my family doctor and she prescribed migraine medicine which was ineffective. Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and ASA are ineffective in providing relief. If I had a headache which could be as often as twice a month I would have to miss work or family time.

  • I suffered in bed unable to manage even the simplest of tasks.
  • I have had a CT scan to rule out whatever it is they rule out with a CT scan.
  • I have had a sinus x-ray.
  • I have been to a TMJ specialist.
  • I have been to a neurologist.
  • I have been to the optometrist.
  • I have been to the dentist.
  • I have been to a chiropractor and a massage therapist.
  • I have most recently been to a neck and headache pain specialist who suggested freezing the trigeminal nerve. Well now sticking needles into nerves so close to the brain freaked me out so I did not pursue that.

Most of the above specialists have determined that the cause of these headaches, which can vary in length from two days to ten, to be as a result of hormonal changes. I do not accept this default cause in which case more women would be suffering similarly to me.

What I can tell you about the nature of headaches is I wake up with them. I do wear a splint at night and have done so for at least 20 years. It fits over my lower teeth so I can wear it during the day if I am aware of clenching and I can still use my upper palette for speaking. I have been told by dentists in the past I am a heavy bruxer.

When I arrived in Winnipeg Dr. Fleisher explained to me the source of my pain and how he was going to treat it. Replacing my splint with a new model which does not allow my back teeth to touch and equilibrating my bite has provided headache relief. As a result the quality of my life has flourished. I sleep well; I have wonderful energy and have discovered happiness again. I am no longer threatened with a dark cloud of impending excruciating pain. I no longer suffer headaches.

I am grateful to Dr. Fleisher for treating me and allowing me to experience life in a fuller manner.

– Marian R., Richmond Hill, ON

I would have never thought that my constant ear problems would lead me to a Dentist. Thankfully it did!

For years now I have suffered from ear pain, ear stuffiness and the occasional sore jaw. After seeing my Doctor numerous times with the same response – there is no infection – maybe you have something wrong with your Eustachian tubes – I began to get frustrated. We explored the idea of allergies – using nose sprays and antihistamines. Still no luck. I was then referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist who I also saw numerous times. I continued to have pain and stuffiness and he continued to tell me – it’s just Eustachian tube dysfunction, there’s nothing you can do. Keep trying your nasal spray. I was extremely frustrated because these problems were affecting my daily life. It was painful and extremely uncomfortable. I was also starting to think that I was imagining it as no one could find out exactly what was wrong.

Finally – he said something that was the start of what I needed. He said – maybe explore that it might be jaw related and see your dentist. So I went to my Dentist who had one look at my bite and said “your bite is horrible”. Dr. Marty Greenfeld referred me to Dr. Fleisher and assured me that he was very good. I cannot thank Dr. Greenfeld enough.

I didn’t really know what I was in for but Dr. Fleisher and Edna made me feel like it was their own home when I arrived at the office. We talked about my ear problems and he was surprised I had no headaches or back pain. He then explained that just by touching my neck he knew I was clenching at night. He also explained the effects of clenching, especially with a bad bite and how this could be effecting my ears. I started to have some hope again and it was nice to have someone take the time to explain things – you don’t get that often these days in our face paced world.

It has been a few months now that I have been seeing Dr. Fleisher and my bite is getting better. Most importantly my ears have seen improvement. I haven’t had pain like I did before and I haven’t had nearly as much stuffiness. He is still adjusting my bite and I have hope that things will only get better. I continue to wear my splint at night to prevent me from clenching. My face feels more relaxed now and it’s funny because I never realized it wasn’t before!

I will have more to report on my ears but at this point I am most impressed by the service that was provided to me. Dr. Fleisher is a great dentist and a wonderful man. How many dentists give you a call at home? To be honest – I was to call him at home on the weekend and I forgot – well he didn’t and phoned me at 7:30 pm on a Saturday. That was when I knew he really cared. Edna is just as amazing and they make a great team. I walk in the office and she talks to me like we have known each other for much longer than a few months. You don’t get that very often.

I just want to say Thank you to Dr. Fleisher and Edna for their care and compassion. We will get my bite figured out yet and I know that I will have more great things to report!

– Karley C., Winnipeg

I am 40 years old and have lived with headaches for all of my adult life. I had reached a stage where I thought that this is what my life was destined to be like.

I was terrified of going to sleep at night because I knew that I would wake up in the middle of the night with a raging headache. There are days I wondered how my liver was still functioning with all of the different medications I was taking not to mention the handfuls of Tylenol and Advil I was taking on a daily basis. During the times of excruciating pain, I often had thoughts, although fleeting of suicide as the thought of putting up with the headaches for another minute were just so overwhelming.

My quality of life was defiantly suffering as were my two children and my husband. “mum has a headache again”, were words that were frequently heard around my house. I work fulltime and often I was terrified when I had to call in sick with a headache. The guilt that you feel is bearable. My coworkers recognize when I am in pain – but you have to get on with it because if I called in sick every time I don’t believe I could keep a job.

I have done numerous medications, massage, chiropractor, acupuncture and have even had surgery. While some of these things could provide temporary relief, nothing stopped the headaches.

While driving to work one morning, I heard the ad for Dr. Fleisher on the radio. I was stunned, what this person was describing was me. I hear the ad a few more times over the coming days and this time, I repeated the phone number in my head the whole way to work. I called the number before I even put my computer on that day. What did I have to lose?

The of my appointment I did not want to get my hopes up, I had done that before and been sorely disappointed when the treatment did not “fix” me. Dr. Fleisher talked to me for half an hour and explained what was happening, why it was happening and how he was going to fix it.

I could have cried, but again, did not want to get my hopes up. I have now seen Dr. Fleisher four times and I cant tell you the difference! I have even with the help of my family doctor been able to come off of one of the medications which I was taking 4 a day in hope of getting rid of my headaches.

I look forward to continue improvement!

– Alison M., Winnipeg

I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me and my family at a point in my life that I lost all hope. You gave me hope. You have gone out of your way to fix my TMJ problem and have not asked anything in return. You are the most caring and selfless person I know and I appreciate you more than words can express. Thank you for helping me through this difficult time with your knowledge and kindness!

– Shari W., Winnipeg

I would like to thank you very much for the many years you have tirelessly worked to cure many people of headaches and facepain. Your devotion is tireless. Because you fully understand the face & jaw and each working bone, joint & cavity you are well equipped to problem solve.

I have had 9 relentless years of pain with no relief. It is very debilitating and makes one afraid to fall asleep. The entire family is affected by the misery.

Thanks to your tenacity doctor I am now enjoying a quality of life I never thought I would experience again.

– Bernice G., Winnipeg

Thank you so much for your patience, skill and dedication in restoring my “bite” the way the good lord intended it to be. I will always think of you – at least twice or three times a day, with the utmost respect and gratitude. Thanks again Dr. Fleisher.

PS: Edna is a gem: take good care of her!

– Gertrude A., Winnipeg

I am a fourty three year old male, who has suffered from migrains since I was in my mid teens,first appearing few, and far between. However as I have aged the frequency and severity of my headaches have increased from one every couple of months to several a week, and they often last weeks in duration. I have been working on this problem through the regular medical chanels for over 20 years now. I have seen migrain specialists, had ct scans, numerous x-rays, seen neuralogists, and been to see a dr who specializes in migrain care, I also take prescribed medication daily hoping to reduce the frequency and severity of the migrain. Lacking satisfactory results with standard medical care I decided to try alternatives such as chiropractic care, therepeutic massage and different “natural type remedies”.

Due to chronic migrains, I have developed sleep disorders and clinical depression along with constant neck pain and stiffness. Doctors informed me that the neck pain originates in the c4-c5 area of my neck from degenerating disks. The results of my troubles to this point has been an inability to work due to the combination of the migrains and depression. It wasn’t untill early Feb 2009 that I was directed to Dr. S.Fleisher, a specialist in Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction and myofacial pain disorders in another attempt to get some relief to my troubles.

Dr Fleisher explained the reasons for my problems, after which he started to gradually level(adjust)my bite. The adjustment processs took place over several weeks- during which I immediately noticed a difference in my sleep patterns; deeper REM state sleepand dreaming, a reduced frequency and severity of my migrains, as well as a marked reduction in my neck pain to the point of having painless movement in areas that have not moved freely for years. I would also like to note that I mentioned to Dr Fleisher that I was experiencing sharp pain in my throat, which I thought was a glandular infection. To my query Dr Fleisher has me slide my teeth from side to side. This indicated I had a drag occurring while chewing (my teeth were hanging up on each other for lack of a better explanation). Dr Fleisher smoothed off the offending teeth, and the pain which he informed me was muscular, not glandular is now gone. I have been mentioning this problem to my medical doctor for years, and he has never been able to identify it let alone eliminate it. Only someone who has lived in constant pain can understand it’s ability to wear a person down emotionally and how the elimination of the pain is life liberating.

During the period of approximately three months that I have been seeing Dr Fleisher I have had two bad migrains which were gone in a part of a day, and were nowhere near the severity of my previous migrains.

I firmly believe that the reduction in my suffering is directly related to the actions of Dr Fleisher, and that if I had not found him- by fluke, I would still be enduring a life of migrain pain, sleepless nights, and neck pain. It is my belief that if more denal and medical professionals were educated as to the potential life-altering effects of Dr Fleisher’s procedures, and therefore educated in administering them we would see a significant decrease in suffering amongst many people who are just trying to live a life free of pain.

Thank you again Dr Fleisher your help will not be forgotten.

– Jack M., Winnipeg

Where do I start? I don’t really think words will adequately express my gratitude for your help and services these past couple months, but I’ll try! I know that, by comparison, my TMJ issues were not as severe as others. Still, my daily sore jaw and tight neck, were beginning to impact me more as time went on. One of the worst things was the feeling of “dread” as bedtime drew near – my jaw seemed to tighten as the day wore on, and I knew night time did not provide any relief as I just clenched more with my existing splint!

How nice to receive treatment from the two of you – you both understood the problem, of course, and knew exactly what to do. Best of all, though, I felt so comfortable and confident under your care! Thank you for helping me take control of my TMJ issues before they took control of me!

My deepest gratitude goes out to the both of you. Here are my 3 biggest reasons [picture of 3 beautiful children] for my thankfulness and appreciation for all you’ve done – I feel like my “old” self!

-Toni B., Winnipeg

I was referred to Dr. Fleisher by my acupuncturist, Dr. Priscilla Kerr. I was seeing Dr. Kerr in hopes of finding some relief from all the pain and various symptoms I was having over the past 6 – 7 years. I had gone to my regular doctor, who tried very hard to find the root of my problem, but we just were not having any success. That is how I found my way to Dr. Kerr.

Very soon, I was feeling much better, but still had a lot of pain in and around my ears, neck and shoulders. I also suffer with migraines, tinnitus, and the onset of sudden hearing loss in my right ear. I had problems with dizziness and vertigo, and a few episodes of syncope. This all very shortly caused me to have anxiety/panic attacks. Because of my fear of driving and passing out, I sold my car and have not driven since 2005. I was sent for a CT and an infused MRI, which didn’t show anything. After a discussion with Dr. Kerr about all this, she had asked the results of the TMJ tests. She, assuming I had been investigated for TMJ, and me, not recalling ever being tested for this. She was very surprised that this was never investigated and suggested I visit my dentist.

She actually referred me to Dr. Fleisher and I made an appointment right away. After taking a history and listening to my description of painful symptoms, Dr. Fleisher told me he could fix me up very quickly. That visit as a matter of fact. Deep down, I didn’t believe anything would change that soon. He explained very succinctly and with a great deal of knowledge how clenching my teeth at night, over all these many years, had caused so many of my problems. He showed me many diagrams which explained how clenching affects so much of your physical body, which in turn can cause emotional distress. He assured me that with the splint, which he would make just for me; a lot of my symptoms would disappear.

So after filing down some of my teeth on that first visit, I felt immediate relief. I was in shock and so happy all I could do was cry and thank him from the bottom of my heart. He promised to help me and return me to a quality of life I haven’t had for years. He made a splint which I wear at night when I sleep and I no longer clench my teeth. What a relief! After 2 months of visits, the pain around my jaw and ears is gone. My neck and shoulders, with the assistance of massage, feel a thousand times better.

It’s true what Dr. Fleisher told me – that with my jaw and teeth properly evened out in the absence of clenching – it would be possible to go for massage and have the procedure work and last. I am even excited about yawning! I haven’t been able to open my mouth fully while yawning in years – what a thrill to feel like I completed a yawn! I don’t have very many headaches and my migraines are not as frequent. Mostly my migraines are from weather changes, but I continue to take medication for that. However, all the T1’s I had been taking over the last 7 years can be eliminated gradually – my kidneys will be very happy. I have spent thousands of dollars on various medications and pain killers over the years. I strongly believe that over time, everything will get better. There are no words to say how I feel. I am excited about my life again. I may even take a big step forward and drive a car again and the lovely Dr. Kerr is helping me with the anxiety over that.

Dr. Fleisher is the most caring and most kind man I have ever met. He really cares about his patients and believes with all his being that more people could be “cured” if only more patients came to see him with their headaches, etc. He and his assistant make my visits pleasant, with no fear. That was another major hurdle for me – I have had extremely bad experiences with dentists, and Dr. Fleisher assured me that he would not hurt me. I believed him, I trusted him, and he came through. I never felt any pain on any of my visits. You’re an angel, Dr. Fleisher.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you. I hope many more people come to see you and experience your magic touch. You will always be in my heart. Bless you and your lovely assistant! You have touched so many lives – I hope you continue for many more years to come.

-Krys K., Winnipeg

After having orthodontic work about 5 years ago, my jaw had never felt the same. About 1 year ago, I started to have problems opening and closing my jaw without pain and discomfort. I consulted my regular dentist, who diagnosed the problems as TMJ, and prescribed massage therapy. Unfortunately, this prescription did not solve the root cause of the problem. After seeing your ad in the newspaper, I decided to come down and see what you could do for my situation. It was great to hear that my problems were not unique, and your explanations of the mechanics and anatomy of the facial/jaw structural area helped me understand the problems I was having. I remember you telling me after my first adjustment, that I would start feeling better. To my surprise, I did!

Since my last adjustment, I have felt no discomfort or pain, and I am able to enjoy meals and yawn without problems. Thank you very much for your help! The pain is gone, and that is the most important thing! Your knowledge of these types of jaw problems is unmatched, and your assistance was greatly appreciated.
– Zach Z., Winnipeg

I am a 54-year-old woman who has suffered from debilitating migraine headaches for 40 years. I have tried all conventional treatments for migraine as well as acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, homeopathy and many other non-traditional treatments. In spite of these various treatments, my migraines continued at approximately 3-5 per month and a duration of 2-3 days each, even through two pregnancies.

During surgery in August 2004, I experienced a dural puncture caused by epidural anaesthesia which resulted in status migrainous. During those two years, I was prescribed courses of anti-depressant medication, narcotics and of course standard migraine treatments. In order to function, my husband would bring me icepacks while still in bed and I would take the migraine drug Imitrex by tablet or injection. My annual budget for headache pain relief during 2004-2006 was around $17,000.

Finally, I attended the Health Sciences Centre Pain Clinic where I received dry needlinng (which is inserting needles filled with saline into trigger points in the muscle). This gave me temporary relief. At my last visit with Dr. Johnson of the Pain Clinic, he suggested that I visit Dr. Sidney Fleisher. Dr. Fleisher created a special dental splint which prevents me from grinding and clenching my teeth during the night.

I feel very strongly that it is the splint which has alleviated the cause of my migraine headaches most. Dr. Fleisher has explained to me in detail the workings of my temperal mandibular joint and its connections to the elevator and trapezius muscles, thereby making it clear to me that the grinding and clenching of my teeth at night are the source of my migraine pain. Today I am migraine-free and I give Dr. Fleisher the greatest portion of credit for my recovery.
– Elizabeth C., British Columbia

I am a 26 year old male and I have been suffering from migraines since I was about 13 years old. I have had severe neck and shoulder pains even though it seemed there was no cause for them. Sometimes the pain was so bad that no matter how many pain killers I took the pain wouldn’t go away. I started to think that I had chronic back problems that were causing this so I decided to see a chiropractor which helped a little but the pain still kept coming back so then I thought it was my bed. So I bought a king size chiropractic bed for a few thousand but that again only helped for a short time. I’ve tried acupuncture and massage therapy but they were only temporary solutions to my migraine, back and neck problems. I figured the pain was maybe coming from my neck so I fell for those ads on TV for a new pillow that contours to your neck. Well that seemed to have worked very well actually so I figured the problem was over, I just have to take my pillow everywhere I sleep. Problem over, I thought, my neck was just different.

I have reason to believe my past is where it all started. I’ve had 4 dentists in total and as a young child I had perfectly straight teeth but I liked candy, what child doesn’t. I developed a few cavities and had to see my first dentist. Boy I hated the dentist back then, and those needles were the worst. I had one cavity, then a year went by and then another cavity and so on and so forth. All I did know is that I had a very nice smile and perfectly straight teeth. Once I hit 13 I stopped having cavities and haven’t had one since but I did notice I was grinding my teeth a lot because I was waking up with what seemed to be sand in my mouth. When I later looked in my mouth I noticed that my teeth were on top of each other not like they should be where the back teeth are a little farther back from the top teeth. Darn this getting older I had thought, must be my jaw growing more and me becoming a man, maybe it’s supposed be like that.

My second dentist told me that it could be all from stress that I’m grinding my teeth but it didn’t look like much damage so if it gets worse I should come back and he would make a boxing splint for me. I thought oh no not a mouth guard! I don’t think I can sleep with something in my mouth. It will keep me up, I already have back pains. So I told my mom it’s just stress from all the home work.

Years passed; I found a job, made money, got a great girlfriend, but my upper teeth kept disappearing slowly still. I went to the dentist a few times, but only for checkups and cleanings. I didn’t notice I was grinding my teeth at night anymore and I didn’t do it during the day and if I did I stopped it instantly. My girlfriend noticed it a few times while I slept that I was grinding my teeth but I stopped doing it eventually altogether. That’s it! I thought. I was a stressful teen after all even though I never really felt I was stressed. I thought one day I would go get a second opinion on my teeth from a dentist in Victoria. He saw me and checked my teeth. He said I lost about 4mm off my top teeth from grinding and that it would cost thousands of dollars to fix them now. He also presumed that my jaw just adjusted over time and it was all a part of growing up and stress. He recommended getting a boxing splint as well. I said I don’t grind my teeth anymore so I guess the damage is done. I just have to save up to eventually fix my teeth.

So I waited a few years and now I’m 26 and I find out from my girlfriend that I’m still grinding my teeth while I sleep. I went to a dentist in Winnipeg and they told me that because of the way I bite they would have to raise my bottom back teeth to make room for my front top teeth to be filled in so that I don’t break them off. They said that the cost would be even more then the first quote from the dentist in Victoria. Well that’s way too rich for my blood! I decided to finally get a boxing splint before all my teeth are gone and also get a cleaning. I started talking to the dental hygienist while she worked on cleaning my teeth. We talked about how she saw a great dentist called Dr. Fleisher which helped her with her teeth in a huge way. I was very impressed with what she had to say and decided to go see the dentist that she spoke of and postpone getting my mouth guard at this place for now.

I decided to see this specialist and from the moment I got there it was different from a regular dental office. For instance, the chart questions referred to migraines, neck, shoulder, back pains and to when these problems had started. I let them know I was about 13 when my problems started with my neck and back pains, but wondered why that has anything to really do with my teeth. All I really wanted was to get a boxing splint to stop my teeth from getting even worse. Dr. Fleisher was amazing! He explained everything to me. How grinding my teeth was causing all my migraines, neck and back pains in the morning. Dr. Fleisher noticed that my teeth were very off which caused my jaw to readjust because of it. He noticed that my fillings were too high from when I had my cavities filled and decided to lower them along with a few other teeth. This was the reason all my pain started happening just after going to the dentist the first time. So it seems that the original dentist wrecked my teeth by causing them to want to grind off the filling that was put in, but since the filling wouldn’t grind off, my front teeth did. Dr. Fleisher didn’t use any freezing agents but there was no pain through the entire time he worked on my teeth. I kind of thought that he must of grinded away too many teeth because it felt like my bite now was way off and crooked. But he said it takes time for your jaw to reset because of the built up fluid in the joints from all the years of biting wrong. He made me a boxing splint for when I sleep and sent me home until my next appointment. All that week my jaw was adjusting and I started noticing that my jaw was going back to where it was suppose to be. My bottom and top teeth weren’t touching in the front anymore and my bottom teeth were a little farther back and it felt really nice. Also, it was Dr. Fleisher’s idea to stop using my pillow so I could see the difference in how I felt. All my migraines, neck and back pains were gone, it was a miracle. Dr. Fleisher continued to adjust my jaw for a few weeks and fill in the places that where grinded off. I became a little emotional because I never thought that this was going to be a life changing experience.
– Matthew K., Winnipeg

For many years, I have experienced pain and cracking opening my mouth to eat and chew. This began 10 years ago as many of my back molars required root canals and crowns. After each procedure my jaw would be sore for a week or more, but I believed these symptoms were normal and would subside and they did to a certain degree. During this period I would often awaken in the mornings with a headache and neck pain. I chalked this up to inability to breathe properly through my nose due to allergies to dust, mites and other seasonal allergens, and I told myself I should get a new pillow or I must have slept wrong and got a kink in my neck. I visited allergy doctors and chiropractors, massage therapists, had back and neck xrays but I would experience only temporary relief at best.

After being in much neck, shoulders and upper back pain one morning last spring, I awoke with a miserable headache and when trying to yawn, my jaws opened only half way with a loud crack! I called my dentist and he referred me to Dr. Sydney Fleisher, a TMJ and Myofacial Pain Specialist. This was a lifechanging experience.
Dr. Fleisher examined me and with detailed technical explanation of what had happened in the area where my top and bottom jaws meet to result in all the related pain I waws Experiencing. The first thing he did was bite adjustment. Then he made a mouth guard to keep me from clenching my teeth during the night in bed. Truly following the first bite adjustment I felt instant pain relief in my neck and shoulder. I wore my mouth guard at night and my jaw began to feel better, my headaches disappeared and I awakened each morning well rested because I now slept soundly. It has been a Godsend!

I saw Dr. Fleisher 5 more times for bite adjustments and truly all the pain is gone. No more massage therapies, analgaesics for pain and I have much more energy as I sleep better.
– Debbie S., Winnipeg

It’s been about a year since you treated me and I have to say what a difference you have made in my life. I no longer awake with a headache wondering if I am going to make it through the day. The quality of my life is very much improved. I can’t thank you enough for the improvement you have made to my life. And if I get to heaven and they ask me, who has influenced your life? I am going to name at least 2 Fleishers. You and your wonderful daughter Marcia.
– Marian R., Toronto

I came to Dr. Fleisher following a recommendation by my dentist. During my check ups, I often complained of tooth sensitivity and jaw discomfort. My dentist suggested that a mouth guard may prove to be a viable solution for my nightly grinding and mild gum recession.

Through Dr. Fleisher I was able to address the above problems and more. Prior to our first visit, I suffered from chronic ear ringing and ear pain. My family physician attributed the problem to damage caused by ear infections suffered during childhood. However, the pain was often so uncomfortable that it impeded me from working or being social. To “manage” the problem, I went to walk-in clinics complaining of ear infections. However, upon inspection, no infection would be found and I would be sent home. On top of my ear problems, I often felt dizzy and light headed. And although I never sought medical attention for this, I grew to feel that dizzy spells were simply going to be a part of my life.

Was I ever wrong!

On the first night with my mouth guard, I slept better than I had in years not waking once during the whole night – a rarity. For every night that I wear it, I sleep deeper, longer and awake better rested. Immediately, I felt better in the mornings and as the days progressed, the sense of ease carried into the afternoons. My jaw felt relaxed and I was able to sense when I was grinding my teeth during the day. Before receiving my mouth guard, my jaw would be so tense that I was often unaware that I was clenching.

Moreover, since getting the apparatus, I have not had an ear ache and the ringing in my ears has decreased remarkably – to the point that often, they don’t ring!!!! I have had fewer and fewer dizzy spells and remain hopefully that I will be rid of them with prolonged wear.

Aesthetically, the mouth guard has curbed the movement of one of my front teeth which is probably the best news yet. I have had braces, retainers, the works! But as I get older, I notice my teeth are loosing their positions and the mouth guard will help them remain in place.

In all, the apparatus is comfortable to wear, easy to clean and stays in place – unlike my retainer. And as for the people responsible, Dr. Fleisher and his assistant Edna work skilfully and attentively, ensuring that I am comfortable, pain free and understand every step of the procedure along the way. I must say that with Edna by Dr. Fleisher’s side, it feels as though I’m having two expert dentists work on my mouth.

I am very happy with the mouth guard and am excited to see what benefits long term use holds for me. It has proved to be an affordable no-nonsense solution to problems I am now able to manage if not fix all together. My one regret is not having had it made sooner.
– Maria K., Winnipeg

Thank you for helping me with my TMJ disorder. It is incredible that after having had so much pain for so long that once the misery is cured I sometimes think it was imagined. Then I remember the shoulder and neck tension, the tingling in my fingers, ringing in my ears, the facial swelling and especially the ear pain.

I am so grateful to you both for your understanding, compassion and care. Thank you for making the dental splint which prevents grinding and clenching my teeth. I followed your advice to wear it when I drive and cannot believe how tense I become, when driving, so now I even wear it when life becomes overwhelming to help ease the tension build up. I have not taken any pain medication for headaches since.

Thank you for patiently showing and explaining the workings of the temporomandibular joint, its connective tissue and relationship to the nerves and muscles. After a few adjustments I have felt total relief. I am pain free.
– Helene L., Winnipeg

I was sitting here, and just thought I would say hi, and thank you again for the help you gave me (another great sleep last night). I have not and will not forget what you gave me; I think of it often, and am grateful.
– John M., Winnipeg

Thank you so much for your patience, skill and dedication in restoring my ‘bite’ the way the good Lord intended it to be. I will always think of you- at least twice or three times a day, with the utmost respect and gratitude.
– Gertrude A., Winnipeg

I was recently in a car accident two months ago. In the first few days of my accident I was having symptoms of jaw cracking, difficulty chewing food, speaking and sleeping. I was also experiencing pain on the right side of my jaw. I realized that my jaw at the time was not aligned. I spoke to my physiotherapist Kendra D. who suggested that I see Dr. Fleisher. It was relayed to me that he specialized in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) injuries and myofacial pain disorders.

Within a few days I went to see Dr. Fleisher who assessed my injury and my symptoms. In the weeks ahead he took the time to thoroughly help me understand my injury. He provided a mouth guard (dental splint) which has alleviated my dental symptoms that I was having.

Dr. Fleisher and his professional staff, truly care about their clients. They are very compassionate individuals, in my opinion, who have assisted in treating my dental injuries.
– Mrs. Z, Winnipeg

After a short time I left with the brace you had made for me and another appointment in a week. Why so soon? “Because, as you explained my jaw begins to relax, the excess of synovial fluid slowly reduces and the jaw shifts to its natural position. So the brace needs to be adjusted.” After a series of three appointments, some more adjusting of the brace, ‘tap, tap, tap, tap’ of the teeth, “where is it touching first? Can you tell?” I feel as if my jaw is in a more natural position. My speech is no longer affected, my neck does not feel as tight and I can turn it without pain, and my bite is much more comfortable.

I feel very fortunate to have sat in your chair and been the lucky recipient of yours and Edna’s care. The comradely between you and Edna illustrates the compassion and dedications you both possess in your generous venture in helping relieve people of their pain and discomfort.
– Colleen F., Kenora, ON

I am not sure if you remember me, but I remember you. My name is Lauren Kathleen. You took me as your patient. You explained to me the mechanism of the jaw with your fake jaw skill, and demonstrated to me why my jaw was hurting. I had TMJ. My insurance was expiring and you made me a mouthpiece and fitted it again and again to make it comfortable. You also had your secretary rip up my bills. I tell stories about your kindness and the way God blessed me through you. And how you helped me in my time of need. I can’t thank you enough for your generous gift of love and the mouthpiece. I should tell you where I am now. The following June, I was happily married and later, we realized I was pregnant. Prior to my pregnancy I suffered from TMJ. Severe headaches so strong I couldn’t sit up- I have been faithfully wearing your mouthpiece every night. I no longer have such headaches and pain in my cheeks. Your mouthpiece alleviated the pain that Tylenol wouldn’t ease. I am so grateful to you for this relief.
– Lauren Kathleen W., Ontario

Where do I start, how does one find the words to thank someone who has changed their life. When I found out that you were going to fix my gaps, I was the happiest person in the world. Little did I know that you would also end my constant suffering from headaches and neck pain? Now I have the confidence to smile as big as I can. I will miss my weekly visits, I always l looked forward to coming in, you always made me feel so welcome. You are like two angels making me smile. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.
– Jenna Y., Trenton, ON

You are quite possibly the man I think of most often these days. In fact, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and feel grateful for your existence. After spending literally years in pain and discomfort I was almost accidentally referred to you for your help. My teeth hurt, my jaw hurt, my face hurt. I had ear aches and swollen glands on a regular basis. Then the headaches, the stabbing pains in my head. Add to all this an already stressful life, fraught with bouts of deep depression caused by a mentally ill husband who had us forever on the brink of bankruptcy, if my regular dentist hadn’t (almost reluctantly) come up with your name suggesting you ‘may be able to help me’, I was well ready to jump off the ‘brink’ and I mean that sincerely. I made the call and was immediately handed over to someone who either had suffered the same as I or at least had a very good understanding of what I was going through. I was given an appointment and before I knew it there you were Dr., asking me if I would like to feel better right away. I was taken by surprise in more ways than one. First of all I had no idea that anything could be done quickly, that you were prepare to start right there and then. And secondly that you ‘knew’ exactly how I was feeling. No questions! Well you did ask questions but you already knew the answers. Another surprise was how eager you were to share your knowledge about my condition. You were prepared with diagrams and literature. I was educated about my condition which helped to remove the anxiety that often accompanies long time illnesses with no answers…till then.

I went away that first day feeling very grateful, hopeful and blessed. I could already open my mouth wide enough to eat an apple; quite a feat for me. But I was irritated, maybe even somewhat angry. Your knowledge, Dr. Fleisher, and your ability was out there waiting for me without my knowledge… and what about all the other people that suffered the same as i. who is going to help them? I understand that you are the only dentist that has the knowledge, nay, the ability to cure this debilitating condition. You really need to pass this procedure along, Dr. Fleisher. It’s not hocus pocus. It’s pure elementary science, not to demean your work. But it is simple once you put it all together. I firmly believe that you need to start a school of some sort to make your knowledge an essential part of what every dentist ought to know. In fact it should become an integral part of a dentist’s education. Not an option.

Oral health needs to be looked at more seriously. So much of our lives depend on good oral health and for that we need the best care from our dentists and all the education they can absorb. I would hate to see you leave the practice but I believe it is time for you to share the knowledge so that not just a few lucky ones will enjoy better health, physically and mentally.

I thank God every day for you, Dr. Fleisher, and I pray that you will still have time for me when you become a professor of practical dentistry. Those of us with teeth in our heads and those that don’t, need you. You’re my hero. Thank you again.
– Barbara A., MB

I want to thank you very much for your treatment program for my TMJ problems. I am already finding a great deal of relief from my night-time mouth guard and am very pleased with my treatment. If ever there is testimony I could give to Manitoba Health to have the government consider TMJ treatments as part of the medical coverage it offers, I would be happy to be a part of such a group.
– Kayla Y., Winnipeg

A funny thing happened to me once. I kept getting these horrible earaches, so of course I go to the doctor, twice, and I said I have a terrible ear infection. The doctor does her examination and told me that I was fine. After some back and forth dialect she prescribed me some antibiotics as I am traveling in a few days. Imagine my surprise when a few months later I was filling out forms at the dentist office. I was told of this condition called TMJ and was given an appliance (mouth guard) to wear all night or when headaches arose. I cannot believe the symptoms or causes of certain ailments that can be linked with a TMJ sufferer. I found every excuse as to why my neck, shoulders, and back would hurt. Must have been the mattress or pillows, etc. The ringing in my ears, the numbness in my thumb, I just assumed I would be diagnosed with something at a later date as they got worse.

Speaking of worse, my headaches, ears, neck and jaw pain became almost unbearable as time went on. NOTHING would take the pain away and there is nothing like feeling as though you’ve been kicked in the face on a regular basis. Annoyed, I looked up TMJ and found very few doctors who advertised knowledge of this disorder. I did find Dr. Fleisher who took time to explain why things were happening and what I could do to prevent and correct the problem. He adjusted my mouth guard, aligned some teeth and gave me some sound advice.

I feel so much better, headache free and my jaw feels looser. I was perturbed to find that this is not a course of study for future dentists. If insurance companies are recognizing TMJ, why then would the faculty of dentistry ignore it? I don’t think medical science will provide what you are looking for, but the testimonials of people who have been helped by the few dentists who actually care, should be enough. Please conduct more research into the benefits of including this practice in your curriculum as I do believe it is a vital element in the future of dentistry.
– Debbie L., Winnipeg

I thought I would send you a short thank-you for curing several of my problems. You may remember you treated me and number of weeks ago for grinding my teeth, headaches, and ringing in the ears. Although nothing seemed to be working the way it was supposed to, I have found over time that I am sleeping much better, without clenching my jaw, my morning headaches have disappeared, I have not had a migraine episode, and I have not had swollen glands in my neck. Some ringing in the ears is persisting, but you said it probably would continue to a lesser degree. So, I guess the motto “better late than never” really worked in my case. Perhaps, because I had these problems for so long, it just took some extra time to get rid of them.
– Dianne B., Winnipeg

I received a mouth guard from Dr. Sidney Fleisher at Sherbrook Heights Dental Centre at the end of December 2010 and follow up bite adjustments. Reasons that I saw Dr. Fleisher, I had for several years had been grinding my teeth and lately had been clenching my teeth, experiencing severe jaw pain. I was referred by my own dentist, who made arrangements for an appointment the same day. Dr. Fleisher is a very kind and professional dentist and my follow up appt’s were done quickly and efficiently. Dr. Fleisher explained all procedures and reasons for my symptoms and the anatomy, with the connection to the mouth, teeth, ear bones and muscles, as a retired nurse, I appreciate the knowledge I received with Dr. Fleisher service. As results, I am very pleased to say my jaw pain is gone. I sleep better at night, not waking up at night biting my tongue or grinding my teeth. I appreciate the care I was given and have and will definitely recommend Dr. Fleisher’s services.
– Maureen K., Winnipeg

I would like to say thank you very much. To be able to live without the pain I have experienced for so many years is just amazing.

I started grinding my teeth when I was about seven years old. I’m 45 now so I can’t even imagine what that has done to my jaw and my teeth. I’m fortunate that I still have some teeth I guess. I suffer from depression and an anxiety disorder and did not realize the impact that this had on grinding my teeth at night and clenching my teeth during the day.

My husband complained that I was waking him up during the night because of grinding my teeth. So needless to say, we both suffered from the fact that I was grinding my teeth.

I received my first mouth guard from my dentist, Dr. Isfeld, approximately six years ago. It seemed to help, at least I wasn’t waking up my husband anymore. Unfortunately, my dog ate it so I was required to get another one. Another mould was made from my teeth and I received my second mouth guard. This time I chewed through it. Another mould was made, however, this time the mouth guard was very uncomfortable so I stopped wearing it. Not realizing what the results would be.

My headaches had gotten so bad that I had consulted my family doctor. I was referred to a neurologist and they found nothing out of the ordinary. I was referred to a sinus specialist and it was determined that I suffered from migraines. However, the medication prescribed did not always work so I figured there must be something else going on. I even started seeing a massage therapist once a month hoping that maybe I’d get some relief.

My husband starting complaining again about my grinding my teeth at night. It was at this time that I heard the advertisement on the radio about Dr. Fleisher. All the symptoms mentioned were what I was experiencing, grinding of the teeth, headaches, shoulder pain, etc. It took until I heard the ad three times before I actually called for a consultation. I had no idea what to expect.

What I found was someone who actually understood what I was experiencing and more importantly why. I was educated as to what was happening with my jaw and my teeth due to the grinding. It made absolute total sense. My current mouth guard was modified into the splint I now wear. After the adjustments that needed to be made weekly due to the fact that my jaw was going back into the proper position and the adjustments due to my bite being corrected so my teeth were connecting evenly, I can honestly say that my symptoms have disappeared. If I still experience them it’s because I haven’t being wearing my splint the way I should be, not only at night but during the day also when I’m stressed and find myself clenching my teeth.

Even when I was getting frustrated because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted fast enough, you and Edna were very patient and understanding. But it is true as Edna would say, “You didn’t get this way overnight.” So I would once again come back each week while you patiently helped me. Your sincere concern to make things better really touched me. It made me think of the way a dentist should be concerned about their patients needs.

I now tell everyone about you because you truly are amazing. You know what very few dentists know. And what you do know can change a persons life for the better, painfree. -Mary C., Manitoba

I was referred to Dr. Fleisher’s office because of a problem I was having with daily headaches. I am 48 years old and I have been having headaches since I was 15. My headaches began to worsen when my Mom passed away, earlier this year. I found these headaches frustrating and was having a hard time making it through the day. Dr. Fleisher told me that he would be able to help me. I have to admit that I was very skeptical at the beginning, especially since I had been having headaches for so many years. After about 3 appointments with Dr. Fleisher, I began to feel better. During my treatment there were some setbacks but I continued my treatment with Dr. Fleisher. After some adjustments to my night guard, I am almost headache free or if I do have a headache it isn’t as bad as it used to be.

Dr. Fleisher and his assistant, Edna, are very knowledgeable, patient and caring. I have had headaches for so long I really didn’t believe anyone could help me. Thanks to both of you for all your help and patience. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to alleviate headaches for good. -Susan C., Winnipeg