New Patients:

“I just want to say Thank you to Dr. Fleisher”

I would have never thought that my constant ear problems would lead me to a Dentist. Thankfully it did!

For years now I have suffered from ear pain, ear stuffiness and the occasional sore jaw. After seeing my Doctor numerous times with the same response – there is no infection – maybe you have something wrong with your Eustachian tubes – I began to get frustrated. We explored the idea of allergies – using nose sprays and antihistamines. Still no luck. I was then referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist who I also saw numerous times. I continued to have pain and stuffiness and he continued to tell me – it’s just Eustachian tube dysfunction, there’s nothing you can do. Keep trying your nasal spray. I was extremely frustrated because these problems were affecting my daily life. It was painful and extremely uncomfortable. I was also starting to think that I was imagining it as no one could find out exactly what was wrong.

Finally – he said something that was the start of what I needed. He said – maybe explore that it might be jaw related and see your dentist. So I went to my Dentist who had one look at my bite and said “your bite is horrible”. Dr. Marty Greenfeld referred me to Dr. Fleisher and assured me that he was very good. I cannot thank Dr. Greenfeld enough.

I didn’t really know what I was in for but Dr. Fleisher and Edna made me feel like it was their own home when I arrived at the office. We talked about my ear problems and he was surprised I had no headaches or back pain. He then explained that just by touching my neck he knew I was clenching at night. He also explained the effects of clenching, especially with a bad bite and how this could be effecting my ears. I started to have some hope again and it was nice to have someone take the time to explain things – you don’t get that often these days in our face paced world.

It has been a few months now that I have been seeing Dr. Fleisher and my bite is getting better. Most importantly my ears have seen improvement. I haven’t had pain like I did before and I haven’t had nearly as much stuffiness. He is still adjusting my bite and I have hope that things will only get better. I continue to wear my splint at night to prevent me from clenching. My face feels more relaxed now and it’s funny because I never realized it wasn’t before!

I will have more to report on my ears but at this point I am most impressed by the service that was provided to me. Dr. Fleisher is a great dentist and a wonderful man. How many dentists give you a call at home? To be honest – I was to call him at home on the weekend and I forgot – well he didn’t and phoned me at 7:30 pm on a Saturday. That was when I knew he really cared. Edna is just as amazing and they make a great team. I walk in the office and she talks to me like we have known each other for much longer than a few months. You don’t get that very often.

I just want to say Thank you to Dr. Fleisher and Edna for their care and compassion. We will get my bite figured out yet and I know that I will have more great things to report!

– Karley C., Winnipeg

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