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Patient Testimonials -Jack M., Winnipeg

I am a fourty three year old male, who has suffered from migrains since I was in my mid teens,first appearing few, and far between. However as I have aged the frequency and severity of my headaches have increased from one every couple of months to several a week, and they often last weeks in duration. I have been working on this problem through the regular medical chanels for over 20 years now. I have seen migrain specialists, had ct scans, numerous x-rays, seen neuralogists, and been to see a dr who specializes in migrain care, I also take prescribed medication daily hoping to reduce the frequency and severity of the migrain. Lacking satisfactory results with standard medical care I decided to try alternatives such as chiropractic care, therepeutic massage and different “natural type remedies”.

Due to chronic migrains, I have developed sleep disorders and clinical depression along with constant neck pain and stiffness. Doctors informed me that the neck pain originates in the c4-c5 area of my neck from degenerating disks. The results of my troubles to this point has been an inability to work due to the combination of the migrains and depression. It wasn’t untill early Feb 2009 that I was directed to Dr. S.Fleisher, a specialist in Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction and myofacial pain disorders in another attempt to get some relief to my troubles.

Dr Fleisher explained the reasons for my problems, after which he started to gradually level(adjust)my bite. The adjustment processs took place over several weeks- during which I immediately noticed a difference in my sleep patterns; deeper REM state sleepand dreaming, a reduced frequency and severity of my migrains, as well as a marked reduction in my neck pain to the point of having painless movement in areas that have not moved freely for years. I would also like to note that I mentioned to Dr Fleisher that I was experiencing sharp pain in my throat, which I thought was a glandular infection. To my query Dr Fleisher has me slide my teeth from side to side. This indicated I had a drag occurring while chewing (my teeth were hanging up on each other for lack of a better explanation). Dr Fleisher smoothed off the offending teeth, and the pain which he informed me was muscular, not glandular is now gone. I have been mentioning this problem to my medical doctor for years, and he has never been able to identify it let alone eliminate it. Only someone who has lived in constant pain can understand it’s ability to wear a person down emotionally and how the elimination of the pain is life liberating.

During the period of approximately three months that I have been seeing Dr Fleisher I have had two bad migrains which were gone in a part of a day, and were nowhere near the severity of my previous migrains.

I firmly believe that the reduction in my suffering is directly related to the actions of Dr Fleisher, and that if I had not found him- by fluke, I would still be enduring a life of migrain pain, sleepless nights, and neck pain. It is my belief that if more denal and medical professionals were educated as to the potential life-altering effects of Dr Fleisher’s procedures, and therefore educated in administering them we would see a significant decrease in suffering amongst many people who are just trying to live a life free of pain.

Thank you again Dr Fleisher your help will not be forgotten.

– Jack M., Winnipeg