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Patient Testimonial – Krys K., Winnipeg

I was referred to Dr. Fleisher by my acupuncturist, Dr. Priscilla Kerr. I was seeing Dr. Kerr in hopes of finding some relief from all the pain and various symptoms I was having over the past 6 – 7 years. I had gone to my regular doctor, who tried very hard to find the root of my problem, but we just were not having any success. That is how I found my way to Dr. Kerr.

Very soon, I was feeling much better, but still had a lot of pain in and around my ears, neck and shoulders. I also suffer with migraines, tinnitus, and the onset of sudden hearing loss in my right ear. I had problems with dizziness and vertigo, and a few episodes of syncope. This all very shortly caused me to have anxiety/panic attacks. Because of my fear of driving and passing out, I sold my car and have not driven since 2005. I was sent for a CT and an infused MRI, which didn’t show anything. After a discussion with Dr. Kerr about all this, she had asked the results of the TMJ tests. She, assuming I had been investigated for TMJ, and me, not recalling ever being tested for this. She was very surprised that this was never investigated and suggested I visit my dentist.

She actually referred me to Dr. Fleisher and I made an appointment right away. After taking a history and listening to my description of painful symptoms, Dr. Fleisher told me he could fix me up very quickly. That visit as a matter of fact. Deep down, I didn’t believe anything would change that soon. He explained very succinctly and with a great deal of knowledge how clenching my teeth at night, over all these many years, had caused so many of my problems. He showed me many diagrams which explained how clenching affects so much of your physical body, which in turn can cause emotional distress. He assured me that with the splint, which he would make just for me; a lot of my symptoms would disappear.

So after filing down some of my teeth on that first visit, I felt immediate relief. I was in shock and so happy all I could do was cry and thank him from the bottom of my heart. He promised to help me and return me to a quality of life I haven’t had for years. He made a splint which I wear at night when I sleep and I no longer clench my teeth. What a relief! After 2 months of visits, the pain around my jaw and ears is gone. My neck and shoulders, with the assistance of massage, feel a thousand times better.

It’s true what Dr. Fleisher told me – that with my jaw and teeth properly evened out in the absence of clenching – it would be possible to go for massage and have the procedure work and last. I am even excited about yawning! I haven’t been able to open my mouth fully while yawning in years – what a thrill to feel like I completed a yawn! I don’t have very many headaches and my migraines are not as frequent. Mostly my migraines are from weather changes, but I continue to take medication for that. However, all the T1’s I had been taking over the last 7 years can be eliminated gradually – my kidneys will be very happy. I have spent thousands of dollars on various medications and pain killers over the years. I strongly believe that over time, everything will get better. There are no words to say how I feel. I am excited about my life again. I may even take a big step forward and drive a car again and the lovely Dr. Kerr is helping me with the anxiety over that.

Dr. Fleisher is the most caring and most kind man I have ever met. He really cares about his patients and believes with all his being that more people could be “cured” if only more patients came to see him with their headaches, etc. He and his assistant make my visits pleasant, with no fear. That was another major hurdle for me – I have had extremely bad experiences with dentists, and Dr. Fleisher assured me that he would not hurt me. I believed him, I trusted him, and he came through. I never felt any pain on any of my visits. You’re an angel, Dr. Fleisher.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you. I hope many more people come to see you and experience your magic touch. You will always be in my heart. Bless you and your lovely assistant! You have touched so many lives – I hope you continue for many more years to come.

-Krys K., Winnipeg

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