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Patient Testimonials – Elizabeth C., British Columbia

I am a 54-year-old woman who has suffered from debilitating migraine headaches for 40 years. I have tried all conventional treatments for migraine as well as acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, homeopathy and many other non-traditional treatments. In spite of these various treatments, my migraines continued at approximately 3-5 per month and a duration of 2-3 days each, even through two pregnancies.

During surgery in August 2004, I experienced a dural puncture caused by epidural anaesthesia which resulted in status migrainous. During those two years, I was prescribed courses of anti-depressant medication, narcotics and of course standard migraine treatments. In order to function, my husband would bring me icepacks while still in bed and I would take the migraine drug Imitrex by tablet or injection. My annual budget for headache pain relief during 2004-2006 was around $17,000.

Finally, I attended the Health Sciences Centre Pain Clinic where I received dry needlinng (which is inserting needles filled with saline into trigger points in the muscle). This gave me temporary relief. At my last visit with Dr. Johnson of the Pain Clinic, he suggested that I visit Dr. Sidney Fleisher. Dr. Fleisher created a special dental splint which prevents me from grinding and clenching my teeth during the night.

I feel very strongly that it is the splint which has alleviated the cause of my migraine headaches most. Dr. Fleisher has explained to me in detail the workings of my temperal mandibular joint and its connections to the elevator and trapezius muscles, thereby making it clear to me that the grinding and clenching of my teeth at night are the source of my migraine pain. Today I am migraine-free and I give Dr. Fleisher the greatest portion of credit for my recovery.
– Elizabeth C., British Columbia

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