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Patient Testimonials – Zach Z., Winnipeg

After having orthodontic work about 5 years ago, my jaw had never felt the same. About 1 year ago, I started to have problems opening and closing my jaw without pain and discomfort. I consulted my regular dentist, who diagnosed the problems as TMJ, and prescribed massage therapy. Unfortunately, this prescription did not solve the root cause of the problem. After seeing your ad in the newspaper, I decided to come down and see what you could do for my situation. It was great to hear that my problems were not unique, and your explanations of the mechanics and anatomy of the facial/jaw structural area helped me understand the problems I was having. I remember you telling me after my first adjustment, that I would start feeling better. To my surprise, I did!

Since my last adjustment, I have felt no discomfort or pain, and I am able to enjoy meals and yawn without problems. Thank you very much for your help! The pain is gone, and that is the most important thing! Your knowledge of these types of jaw problems is unmatched, and your assistance was greatly appreciated.
– Zach Z., Winnipeg

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