New Patients:

Say, “Goodbye” to Pain with the Winnipeg Dentist

Dr. Sidney Fleisher just might be the dentist in Winnipeg that people need. His dental office is devoted to helping people who are suffering from all types of pain, including chronic headaches and pain in the jaw, neck or shoulders. These conditions may have been mistaken for other illnesses, and these patients have been suffering for a very long time. By visiting this local dentist in Winnipeg, they may find that their pain is the result of dental conditions, such as Myofascial Pain Dysfunction, TMJ or Atypical Facial Neuralgia.

This dentist in Winnipeg’s expertise is diagnosing and treating the disorders named above as well as many others that are causing people to experience pain. This dentist office in Winnipeg is well aware that diagnosing TMJ disorders is a highly difficult thing because the symptoms are many and they can be confused with several other disorders. Just some of the symptoms that those who will visit this dental office are complaining of are locked jaws, ear pain, tingling in the arms and fingers and snoring. Those who visit this local dentist will be able to find a solution for their pain.

Snoring can also occur on its own and be very problematic to those who suffer from it. This dental office in Winnipeg is well aware that snoring is not a natural state and will be able to tell his patients if they are suffering from sleep apnea. This local dentist can also instruct his patients on what they can possibly do to keep from snoring in the future.

In this dentist office in Winnipeg, new patients will find someone who has devoted 35 years of his professional career to learning about the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders, and he has done so through continuing his education at the prestigious Dawson Academy. This dentist in Winnipeg’s tireless efforts have not been for nothing because he enjoys a very high success rate with many patients who enthusiastically claim to have been relieved of their pain.

In order to offer his patients the highest care possible, this local dentist works with an assistant who helps to diagnose and prepare treatment plans for those who need them.