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Patient Testimonial – Debbie S., Winnipeg

For many years, I have experienced pain and cracking opening my mouth to eat and chew. This began 10 years ago as many of my back molars required root canals and crowns. After each procedure my jaw would be sore for a week or more, but I believed these symptoms were normal and would subside and they did to a certain degree. During this period I would often awaken in the mornings with a headache and neck pain. I chalked this up to inability to breathe properly through my nose due to allergies to dust, mites and other seasonal allergens, and I told myself I should get a new pillow or I must have slept wrong and got a kink in my neck. I visited allergy doctors and chiropractors, massage therapists, had back and neck xrays but I would experience only temporary relief at best.

After being in much neck, shoulders and upper back pain one morning last spring, I awoke with a miserable headache and when trying to yawn, my jaws opened only half way with a loud crack! I called my dentist and he referred me to Dr. Sydney Fleisher, a TMJ and Myofacial Pain Specialist. This was a lifechanging experience.

Dr. Fleisher examined me and with detailed technical explanation of what had happened in the area where my top and bottom jaws meet to result in all the related pain I waws Experiencing. The first thing he did was bite adjustment. Then he made a mouth guard to keep me from clenching my teeth during the night in bed. Truly following the first bite adjustment I felt instant pain relief in my neck and shoulder. I wore my mouth guard at night and my jaw began to feel better, my headaches disappeared and I awakened each morning well rested because I now slept soundly. It has been a Godsend!

I saw Dr. Fleisher 5 more times for bite adjustments and truly all the pain is gone. No more massage therapies, analgaesics for pain and I have much more energy as I sleep better.
– Debbie S., Winnipeg

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