New Patients:

Patient Testimonials- Maria K, Winnipeg

I came to Dr. Fleisher following a recommendation by my dentist. During my check ups, I often complained of tooth sensitivity and jaw discomfort. My dentist suggested that a mouth guard may prove to be a viable solution for my nightly grinding and mild gum recession.

Through Dr. Fleisher I was able to address the above problems and more. Prior to our first visit, I suffered from chronic ear ringing and ear pain. My family physician attributed the problem to damage caused by ear infections suffered during childhood. However, the pain was often so uncomfortable that it impeded me from working or being social. To “manage” the problem, I went to walk-in clinics complaining of ear infections. However, upon inspection, no infection would be found and I would be sent home. On top of my ear problems, I often felt dizzy and light headed. And although I never sought medical attention for this, I grew to feel that dizzy spells were simply going to be a part of my life.

Was I ever wrong!

On the first night with my mouth guard, I slept better than I had in years not waking once during the whole night – a rarity. For every night that I wear it, I sleep deeper, longer and awake better rested. Immediately, I felt better in the mornings and as the days progressed, the sense of ease carried into the afternoons. My jaw felt relaxed and I was able to sense when I was grinding my teeth during the day. Before receiving my mouth guard, my jaw would be so tense that I was often unaware that I was clenching.

Moreover, since getting the apparatus, I have not had an ear ache and the ringing in my ears has decreased remarkably – to the point that often, they don’t ring!!!! I have had fewer and fewer dizzy spells and remain hopefully that I will be rid of them with prolonged wear.

Aesthetically, the mouth guard has curbed the movement of one of my front teeth which is probably the best news yet. I have had braces, retainers, the works! But as I get older, I notice my teeth are loosing their positions and the mouth guard will help them remain in place.

In all, the apparatus is comfortable to wear, easy to clean and stays in place – unlike my retainer. And as for the people responsible, Dr. Fleisher and his assistant Edna work skilfully and attentively, ensuring that I am comfortable, pain free and understand every step of the procedure along the way. I must say that with Edna by Dr. Fleisher’s side, it feels as though I’m having two expert dentists work on my mouth.

I am very happy with the mouth guard and am excited to see what benefits long term use holds for me. It has proved to be an affordable no-nonsense solution to problems I am now able to manage if not fix all together. My one regret is not having had it made sooner.

– Maria K., Winnipeg