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Patient Testimonials – Helene L., Winnipeg

Thank you for helping me with my TMJ disorder. It is incredible that after having had so much pain for so long that once the misery is cured I sometimes think it was imagined. Then I remember the shoulder and neck tension, the tingling in my fingers, ringing in my ears, the facial swelling and especially the ear pain.

I am so grateful to you both for your understanding, compassion and care. Thank you for making the dental splint which prevents grinding and clenching my teeth. I followed your advice to wear it when I drive and cannot believe how tense I become, when driving, so now I even wear it when life becomes overwhelming to help ease the tension build up. I have not taken any pain medication for headaches since.

Thank you for patiently showing and explaining the workings of the temporomandibular joint, its connective tissue and relationship to the nerves and muscles. After a few adjustments I have felt total relief. I am pain free.

– Helene L., Winnipeg

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