New Patients:

Patient Testimonials- Colleen F., Kenora, ON

“After a short time I left with the brace you had made for me and another appointment in a week. Why so soon? “Because, as you explained my jaw begins to relax, the excess of synovial fluid slowly reduces and the jaw shifts to its natural position. So the brace needs to be adjusted.” After a series of three appointments, some more adjusting of the brace, ‘tap, tap, tap, tap’ of the teeth, “where is it touching first? Can you tell?” I feel as if my jaw is in a more natural position. My speech is no longer affected, my neck does not feel as tight and I can turn it without pain, and my bite is much more comfortable.

I feel very fortunate to have sat in your chair and been the lucky recipient of yours and Edna’s care. The comradely between you and Edna illustrates the compassion and dedications you both possess in your generous venture in helping relieve people of their pain and discomfort from TMJ.”
– Colleen F., Kenora, ON