New Patients:

Patient Testimonials – Mrs. Z, Winnipeg

“I was recently in a car accident two months ago. In the first few days of my accident I was having symptoms of jaw cracking, difficulty chewing food, speaking and sleeping. I was also experiencing pain on the right side of my jaw. I realized that my jaw at the time was not aligned. I spoke to my physiotherapist Kendra D. who suggested that I see Dr. Fleisher. It was relayed to me that he specialized in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) injuries and myofacial pain disorders.

Within a few days I went to see Dr. Fleisher who assessed my injury and my symptoms. In the weeks ahead he took the time to thoroughly help me understand my injury. He provided a mouth guard (dental splint) which has alleviated my dental symptoms that I was having.

Dr. Fleisher and his professional staff, truly care about their clients. They are very compassionate individuals, in my opinion, who have assisted in treating my dental injuries.”
– Mrs. Z, Winnipeg