New Patients:

Dr. Fleisher is a Respected Dentist who Treats TMJ in Winnipeg Area

Local dentist in Winnipeg, Manitoba offers an extensive treatment for all disorders related to the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. The dysfunction can be caused by many factors, and it affects people of all ages. TMJ treatment in Winnipeg is tailored to the specific needs of each patient, and it may include the following.

Managing Oral Behaviors – In order to decrease jaw muscle tension and chronic fatigue, the dentist in Winnipeg creates a set of exercises to be implemented at home. The patient is also counseled on simple nutritional modifications, such as smaller bites, softer diet and avoidance of wide openings. Low or moderate intake of caffeine is suggested due to its stimulating effects.

Physical Treatments – Appliance therapy is implemented to help relax the muscle and aid in habit control. Depending on diagnosis made by the dentist in Winnipeg, the appliances are typically fabricated using hard acrylic or soft vinyl. The flat plane splint prevents upper arch teeth from touching the lower arch when the mouth is closed. This method of treatment is preferred as the splint absorbs the forces during grinding and typically does not create any alterations to the occlusion.

Thermal Treatments – The applications of hot, cold and moist heat are often recommended in addition to appliance therapy. Alternative hot and cold compresses relieve stress and pain imposed on the joints and muscles. Moist heat packs provide extended relief and are most effective for majority of individuals.

Medications – In extreme cases of chronic discomfort, the use of medication is warranted. The treatment is usually implemented with the cooperation of the patient’s medical provider to ensure proper results. All patients are closely monitored throughout the duration of the treatment. In most cases the medication regimen begins with the administration of over-the counter pain relievers in conjunction with other more modest methods of treatment. Muscle relaxants are prescribed by the dentist in Winnipeg for patients with sore joints, who are experiencing lack of relief from the traditional methods of therapy.

The ultimate goal of TMJ treatment by Dr. Fleisher in Winnipeg is to alleviate the stress and constant discomfort for patients afflicted with the disorder, as it may seriously affect the daily functions and quality of life.