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Patient Testimonials- Lauren Kathleen W., Ontario

I am not sure if you remember me, but I remember you. My name is Lauren Kathleen. You took me as your patient. You explained to me the mechanism of the jaw with your fake jaw skill, and demonstrated to me why my jaw was hurting. I had TMJ. My insurance was expiring and you made me a mouthpiece and fitted it again and again to make it comfortable. You also had your secretary rip up my bills. I tell stories about your kindness and the way God blessed me through you. And how you helped me in my time of need. I can’t thank you enough for your generous gift of love and the mouthpiece. I should tell you where I am now. The following June, I was happily married and later, we realized I was pregnant. Prior to my pregnancy I suffered from TMJ. Severe headaches so strong I couldn’t sit up- I have been faithfully wearing your mouthpiece every night. I no longer have such headaches and pain in my cheeks. Your mouthpiece alleviated the pain that Tylenol wouldn’t ease. I am so grateful to you for this relief.
– Lauren Kathleen W., Ontario

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