New Patients:

Patient Testimonial – Barbara A., MB

You are quite possibly the man I think of most often these days. In fact, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and feel grateful for your existence. After spending literally years in pain and discomfort I was almost accidentally referred to you for your help. My teeth hurt, my jaw hurt, my face hurt. I had ear aches and swollen glands on a regular basis. Then the headaches, the stabbing pains in my head. Add to all this an already stressful life, fraught with bouts of deep depression caused by a mentally ill husband who had us forever on the brink of bankruptcy, if my regular dentist hadn’t (almost reluctantly) come up with your name suggesting you ‘may be able to help me’, I was well ready to jump off the ‘brink’ and I mean that sincerely. I made the call and was immediately handed over to someone who either had suffered the same as I or at least had a very good understanding of what I was going through. I was given an appointment and before I knew it there you were Dr., asking me if I would like to feel better right away. I was taken by surprise in more ways than one. First of all I had no idea that anything could be done quickly, that you were prepare to start right there and then. And secondly that you ‘knew’ exactly how I was feeling. No questions! Well you did ask questions but you already knew the answers. Another surprise was how eager you were to share your knowledge about my condition. You were prepared with diagrams and literature. I was educated about my condition which helped to remove the anxiety that often accompanies long time illnesses with no answers…till then.

I went away that first day feeling very grateful, hopeful and blessed. I could already open my mouth wide enough to eat an apple; quite a feat for me. But I was irritated, maybe even somewhat angry. Your knowledge, Dr. Fleisher, and your ability was out there waiting for me without my knowledge… and what about all the other people that suffered the same as i. who is going to help them? I understand that you are the only dentist that has the knowledge, nay, the ability to cure this debilitating condition. You really need to pass this procedure along, Dr. Fleisher. It’s not hocus pocus. It’s pure elementary science, not to demean your work. But it is simple once you put it all together. I firmly believe that you need to start a school of some sort to make your knowledge an essential part of what every dentist ought to know. In fact it should become an integral part of a dentist’s education. Not an option.

Oral health needs to be looked at more seriously. So much of our lives depend on good oral health and for that we need the best care from our dentists and all the education they can absorb. I would hate to see you leave the practice but I believe it is time for you to share the knowledge so that not just a few lucky ones will enjoy better health, physically and mentally.

I thank God every day for you, Dr. Fleisher, and I pray that you will still have time for me when you become a professor of practical dentistry. Those of us with teeth in our heads and those that don’t, need you. You’re my hero. Thank you again.
– Barbara A., MB